Pure Serenade: An Ode to Versatile Elegance

Pure Serenade is a symphony of fashion, spotlighting the quintessence of Monarh Design’s ethos – versatility, sustainability, and wearability. It’s an exhibition of the best of two seasons, flawlessly merged into a year-round wardrobe, catering to the modern woman’s every sartorial need.

Our first capsule, the “Revery in Silk,” showcases our glamorous evening wear from the FW ’23/24 collection. Each piece, flowing in luxurious silk, is designed to make a statement, resonating the elegance and sophistication that are synonymous with Monarh Design. The timeless allure of our evening wear pieces encapsulates the magic of those unforgettable nights.

Moving onto the second capsule, “DreamScape,” the Monarh Spring/Summer ’24 collection embodies the fusion of work and play, day and night, city and nature. It celebrates the modern woman who steps boldly into the world with unshakeable confidence, determination, and elegance.

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